Grand Rapids, MI

Predominantly a self taught artist, Jeanne received her initial training at an early age through private instruction. She later attended the Ridgewood School of Art in New Jersey and Pratt Institute in New York. Inspired by the Dutch Masters Jeanne utilizes a warm, earthy palette and elaborate, fluid compositions punctuated by strong contrasts. She incorporates signs of age into her work as a reminder of nature’s delicacy and transience. Recently, however, Jeanne has been focussing on producing her "Little Gems," paintings 8x10 in. or smaller. This has afforded her the opportunity to bring a typically American approach to her work, pushing subjects right out front to the viewer in bold, simple compositions. For the first time Jeanne is painting directly from still life arrangements in her studio as opposed to painting predominantly from memory and studies as done previously. With this added dimension of painting directly from life Jeanne is optimistic that she will begin producing her best new work in these small format paintings, thus improve her larger works in the future.