How can I be a Daily Painter?

A 'daily painter' is so dedicated to their craft that they are compelled to paint every day, year after year, to express the gift of their art. They are also dedicated to sharing their stories on their blogs - including a photo of the finished work, as well as photos of works in progress, stories about the inspirations and process behind their works, and tips for other artists, to build a blog worth following and reading daily.

In short, a 'daily painter' is what many artists strive to be, but relatively few actually achieve. is a showcase for the most prolific, talented daily painting artists. If you have not yet established a daily painting and blogging habit, we highly recommend it as a wonderful way to further your artistic journey, and we hope that you will join us once you have established your daily habit. If you are already a dedicated, prolific artist, with a unique style and a well established daily painting and blogging ritual, we welcome you to join us. Membership costs $39 per month, with no sales commissions or other fees.

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