Rick Tracy PI   Cats in Clothes by k Madison Moore by k. Madison Moore

k. Madison Moore

Rick Tracy PI Cats in Clothes by k Madison Moore

6 x 8 in (15 x 20 cm)

oil on Canvas

$129 USD

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New Series - Cats in Clothes Paintings.. Please click My Portfolio Link Above for more info and / or to purchase

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Visit my Portfolio Gallery email me: email@kmadisonmoore.com https://www.etsy.com/shop/kmadisonmoorefineart

About k. Madison Moore

My diversity has enabled me to survive as an artist for over a half century. Most artists stay with a style that reflects their inner personality. I believe that an artist should be like an actor who plays many roles and who subjugates themselves to the role at hand, letting it tell them how to play it. A chinese artist once said, " to paint a flower you must "be" a flower, to paint a tiger, you must be a tiger. This is me! Commission Projects Available. Please feel free to email me with questions. Enjoy!

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